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This PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) company is expanding quickly. Its expansion can be attributed to the fact that Pharma industries is one of those businesses that is future-focused and has no end in sight. Numerous people all around the world are simulating the PCD industry. The best Pharma Franchise Company offers a number of advantages to business owners and pharmaceutical firms, such as - Large Profits from Low-Risk Factors, Minimal Administrative Costs, Limited Investment Funds, Limitations on suppliers, monopoly rights, and external risks from competing franchisees..

Our marketing strategy

Compared to other pharmaceutical marketing organisations, our marketing services are superior and unique which makes us the best pharma company. We have highly effective and illustrative visual assistance for the message, where the pictures speak for themselves. For laptop and tablet presentations, a picture scroll is furthermore accessible. Services like Invoice Detail, Delivery Detail, Bonus Offers, New Product Feedback, Short Product Arrival, New Product Launch, Outstanding Details, Courier Details, etc. are available by SMS and email. There will be a new quotation, joke, etc. emailed out every day. As a brand reminder and for attaching new doctors, it is useful. In addition to these LBLs, prescribing details, glossaries, gifts, etc. are also on hand to assist with achieving goals. Along with this you can get franchisee monopolistic privileges in a specific region.

Benefits of choosing Durpha Lifesciences Inc.

  • Get your own new product

    Many times its is felt that if a particular product is available, you could do wonders with it,
    we can formulate the same. Or you want to upgrade your products as per changing markets.

  • Affordable Prices

    Durpha provide some of the most affordable prices in the franchising market and have an open policy towards it. Everywhere we offer the same prices and our prices remain the same regardless of the buyer. You can also avail enticing discounts on larger orders.

  • Monopoly Rights

    We grant monopoly rights for a specific area to the franchisee who signs a contract for that specific area.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Customers can pay us using NEFT, IMPS, UPI, Cheque, or Demand Draft.

  • Diverse services

    We are quick to supply goods. Depending on the volume of business, we provide free promotional inputs such as Visual Aid, MR bag, Product Cards, Reminder Cards and Stickers, Catch Covers, Visiting Cards, and so on. We also offer gift items on a cost-to-cost basis.

Durpha Lifesciences

Ask us anything and everything, we are here to help you. Whether you are forming a company or already own one, we shall give you the right guidance and the right technical know-how to scale new heights

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Durpha Lifesciences Inc. 5, Nizampura Main Rd, Nizampura Char Rasta, Bhakti Nagar, Pensionpura, Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390024

Unit 1 - Vill. Tejjupur, Near Railway Station, Roorkee, Dist. Haridwar (Uttarakhand) (WHO-GMP and ISO Certified Plant)

Unit 2 - DIC, Industrial Estate, Baddi, Dist. Solan (Himachal Pradesh) (GMP and ISO Compliant Plant)

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